Ayurveda: Abhyanga-whole body massage

In this massage, the body is wrapped by high-quality, warm oil. It promotes detoxification and has a balancing effect on the skin. The massage relaxes, nourishes the tissue, relieves insomnia, strengthens the immune system and promotes endurance and concentration.

85 min € 98.

Ayurvedic head, neck and feet-treatment

For tension-type headaches, restlessness, sleep problems and heavy, tired feet.

50 min € 75.-

Vital Stone Massage

La Stone is a fascinating combination of massage and the beneficial effects of hot basalt and cold marble stones. Tension is released and the lymphatic system is activated by essential oils.

70 min € 89.-

Lomi Lomi Nui - Hawaiian Massage

"Lomi Lomi Nui" is a ritual of the Kahunas, the shamans of Hawaii. With warm oil and large-scale massage strokes - alternating with gentle joint relaxation - your body is deeply relaxed. According to Hawaiian tradition "Lomi Lomi Nui" helps to get rid of the old and to invite new things into life.

80 min € 92.-


Shiatsu (Japanese "finger pressure") is a holistic body and energy work, which is performed in comfortable clothing on a soft mat on the ground. Shiatsu senses the energy flow in the meridians. Pressure from the thumb, palms, knees and elbows, as well as stretching and rotation, relieves blockages and tension.

50 min € 72.

Ear candling
Ear candles lead to a liberating and pleasant feeling in the head and neck area. The pleasant warmth relaxes, there is pressure equalization in the ear, front and paranasal sinuses area.

25 min € 38.-

"Wellness à la Card"

Put together your individual beauty package of 4 treatments and get a 15% discount on it. Our staff will be happy to advise you.

Book comfortably
In order to be able to best fulfill your appointment wishes, it is recommended to book treatments already during the room reservation or at least 2 weeks before the start of the holiday.