An extensive program of activities and spa options await you, allowing you to fully enjoy the most delightful time of the year. In order to make the decision-making process easier, we offer three types of specialty hotels.

The categories Vitalpina distinguish themselves from one another in terms of what they offer: supplementary services in the core areas of Active Lifestyle, Nutrition or Wellbeing.
  • At least three guided hikes a week.
  • At least three opportunities to do more gentle sporting activities in a natural setting.
  • Our experienced hiking guides lead the hikes.
  • Our program of activities varies in difficulty and length.
  • We, as your hosts, accompany you on your hikes or program of activity at least once a week.
  • Our free equipment rental includes backpacks, walking sticks, snowshoes as well as maps and informational materials.
  • Upon request, we offer a drop off and collection service to the start point of individually planned hikes.
  • We present our hiking and Staying Active program to you personally, once a week. 
  • We offer expert advice for individual tours.
  • Our library with hiking guides and maps are of help to those planning individual hikes.
  • The Vitalpina® hiking map contains at least 25 itinerary tips in the local area.
  • We provide expert information on hiking and Staying Active program, on current weather developments as well as on public transport.