The spa town of Merano/Meran is surrounded by fantastic mountain scenery. The selection of tours ranges from simple panoramic paths to mountain hikes and Alpine tours, cable cars and chair lifts make the ascent easier.
You can choose from the following areas around Merano/Meran:

The Texel Group, the largest nature park in South Tyrol with 33,430 ha. The Texel Group stretches from the Val Senales/Schnalstal and Val Passiria/Passeiertal valleys to the main Alpine ridge. The 100 km Merano/Meran High Trail enables the partial or complete hike through the nature park.
The Hirzer area with panoramic views of Val Passiria/Passeiertal and the Merano/Meran basin.
The hiking and nature area Avelengo/Hafling, Verano/Vöran, Merano/Meran 2000. The high plateau is also known as “the sun terrace of Merano/Meran” and part of the European long-distance hiking trail E5 (Lake Constance – Venice).
The San Vigilio/Vigiljoch, the highest elevation of the traffic-free Marlinger mountain, with unforgettable panoramic views.