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The alpina rose flower - wonderful natural show...
The alpina rose flower - wonderful natural show... 6/30/2018 The alpine rose flower is finally here in Val Venosta e Merano e dintorni ... beautiful pink flowers next to the hiking trails, a wonderful natural show that inspires every hiker and makes the effort a little fade. more details...
Pure freshness - Herbs from our own herb garden!
Pure freshness - Herbs from our own herb garden! 6/11/2018 Every day fresh herbs are harvested from our own herb garden to give the evening dishes a special touch. Thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, chives, parsley, marjoram, mint, melissa, basil ... and much more grows in our herb garden, which is passionately maintained by our senior Walter. Our guests appreciate the green on your plate, not only because of the great look and decoration, especially because of the unique taste. more details...
MeranCard - Your advantage card
MeranCard - Your advantage card 2/22/2018

Spring is coming soon and therefore our Vitalpina Hotel Schulerhof will be opening its doors again on March 23rd. To enjoy the beautiful spring landscape to the fullest, our guests also have "holidays by car". You will receive the MeranoCard free of charge until 30 June 2018. This allows you to travel for free on all public transport and visit 80 museums in South Tyrol. A great advantage card to discover the versatile villages in South Tyrol.

More information here.

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Ambitious vineyard near Merano: The vineyard Oberstein
Ambitious vineyard near Merano: The vineyard Oberstein 2/2/2018 Sommelier Thomas visited the vineyard in Tscherms in a dream location below Castle Lebenberg and was enthusiastic:
Wonderful mineral wines with a great elegant acidity and a beautiful structure, which reflect the special edaphic and the dream location at 500m below Castle Lebenberg.

Joachim Wolf, the young winemaker, who works in the viticulture school Laimburg, has started to press the grapes of his own vineyard in his wine cellar.
The philosophy of the vineyard Oberstein is: Quality developes in the vineyard. The vines are grown so that they achieve a harmonious and balanced growth. This leads to low yields of high quality. It is not always easy to go this way, but that's the only way to create great wines.

The following wines were tasted by Thomas:
Salis: A strong Pinot Blanc with salt, fullness and breadth.
Lapis: Beautiful fruity, characterful Sauvignon of very high quality with wonderful minerality and a very nice integrated acidity.
Versal: A Vernatsch that really knows how to inspire, typical fruit with wonderful minerality and freshness and the surprise: A relatively deep wine.
Arena: The increase of Versal in all areas, a really big wine.

Compliment to Joachim Wolf, the way is the right one. An enrichment for the wine world in Meranerland.
Some of the wines you can enjoy 2018 in our hotel...

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