Special treatments
Ayurveda: Abhyanga-whole body massage 50 / 85 min. € 74.- / € 98.-
In this massage, the body is wrapped by high-quality, warm oil. It promotes detoxification and has a balancing effect on the skin. The massage relaxes, nourishes the tissue, relieves insomnia, strengthens the immune system and promotes endurance and concentration.

Ayurvedic head, neck and feet-treatment 50 min. € 75.-
For tension-type headaches, restlessness, sleep problems and heavy, tired feet.
Hot Stone Massage 70 min. € 99.-
Hot Stone is a fascinating combination of massage and the beneficial effects of hot basalt stones. Tension is released and the lymphatic system is activated by essential oils.

Shiatsu 50 min. € 82.-
Shiatsu (Japanese "finger pressure") is a holistic body and energy work, which is performed in comfortable clothing on a soft mat on the ground. Shiatsu senses the energy flow in the meridians. Pressure from the thumb, palms, knees and elbows, as well as stretching and rotation, relieves blockages and tension.
Ear candling 25 min. € 42.-
Ear candles lead to a liberating and pleasant feeling in the head and neck area. The pleasant warmth relaxes, there is pressure equalization in the ear, front and paranasal sinuses area.
Classic whole-body massage 50 min. € 66.-
Tensions are loosened, muscles relaxed, blood circulation stimulated and general well-being improved. The massage is fully tailored to your needs.
Classic partial massage 25 min. € 40.-
(for back, feet, head or neck)
Special for the back 50 min. € 75.-
Massage with her oil BIO 50 min. € 72.-
This full body massage has a relaxing effect, reduces stress and weighs the body into a state of inner peace. Individual herbal choice adapted to you.
Sport massage 40 min. € 54.-
Ideal for tense, tired legs after sports activities. Massage with cooling relief gel chestnut and mint.
Foot massage with Reflex Zone stimulation 50 min. € 69.-
Apart from the very soothing, relaxing feeling, this massage creates a connection between the finest nerve points on the sole of the foot and the internal organs. By targeted stimulation of the reflex zones, a positive influence can be effected.
Lymphatic stimulating massage 50 min. € 69.-
The whole body is relaxed by this gentle massage technique. The lymphatic system is activated, the tissue is dammed and cellulite is reduced.
Trigger Point Treatment 50 min. € 75.-
For tension, especially in the neck area. With the trigger point treatment, a targeted pressure point massage releases dysfunctions and blockages in the muscle. After use, the muscles are vital and resolved.
Our advantage packages for you:
3x classic partial body massage per person € 108.-
3x classic full body massage per person € 178.-
Alpine massages
Arnica & St. John's Wort Massage 50 min. € 67.-
Regenerates and invigorates the body, gives new fitness to tired joints and muscles.
Marmot oil Massage 50 min. € 67.-
Warms, loosens and relaxes the body and relieves joint pain due to the high content of saturated fatty acids.
Montain herbs stamp Massage 70 min. € 89.-
Selected herbs of the highest quality bring your body into balance. Steamed herbal stamps promote blood circulation, have a relaxing effect and activate the metabolism.
Vitalpina treatments
Vitalpina hay-brush Peeling with juniper extract 25 min. € 39.-
The lymph stimulating, performed with slow circular massage movements exfoliation achieves a deep cleansing and promotes the purification. Horn blades are gently removed and the regeneration of skin cells stimulated. The skin becomes brighter, clearer and brighter.

with following massage 50 min - € 69.-
Vitalpina massage with juniper and apple extract 25 / 50 min. € 39.- / € 72.-
A gentle, lymph-stimulating massage technique. The fruit acids contained in the apple protect the skin and have a regenerating effect. The juniper essences strengthen the mind and the blood circulation.

back or legs - 25 min € 38.-
back and legs - 50 min € 65.-
Vitalpina breath-rhythm massage 25 min. € 42.-
Breathing and massage strokes are coordinated; the breathing gets deep, more oxygen gets into the body and tensions dissolve with the rhythmic massage. Stimulating essences help to loosen punctual blockages and tension.
Special back treatments
Back intensiv 50 min. € 79.-
The ideal combination of massage and cupping. The back is intensively worked through and stimulated by the cupping method, the muscles and blood circulation.
Dorn & Breuss Treatment 80 min. € 96.-
The Dorn Method and the Breuss Massage are a highly effective method of regenerating and activating self-regulating forces in the body. Especially with complaints of the back and all areas that are directly or indirectly connected to the spine.
Dorn Method 50 min. € 72.-
Small and mild vertebral and joint blockages, which may have been caused by pelvic obliquity and different leg length, are corrected in this treatment in a very gentle way.
Breuss massage 50 min. € 78.-
The Breuss massage is an energetic back massage in the area of the whole spine. It resolves deep-set finer blockages and is also very helpful for intervertebral disc problems. The massage is completed with an effective St. John's Wort oil pack.